Moving and change of ownership

Moving and change of ownership

When you sell a property or transfer its ownership to another person, be sure to remember to transfer the connection and usage agreement with the water management company to the new owner as well.

Follow these instructions:

  • Fill in the ownership change notification (pdf form "Sopimuksensiirtolomake"). Remember to include the final reading on the water meter on the form.

  • Submit a copy of the sales contract, transfer deed, or distribution of estate. Please note! Only the information regarding the property in question (the new owner’s information and signatures) must be visible.

You can deliver the documents to our customer service by post, email (laskutus [at] or at our office at Logomo (Byrå, 181), Köydenpunojankatu 14 (open Mon–Fri 9 am–2 pm). We will invoice the old owner until the final reading on the form, and the new owner from that point onwards.


When you are about to rent a detached or a semi-detached house, remember to discuss with your landlord which one of you takes care of the water invoices. If the tenant will be paying for the invoice, the landlord must notify us about the change and deliver a copy of the rental contract. When moving out, the tenant must inform the current water meter reading and an address for the final invoice, if the tenant has taken care of the invoices during the lease.


Once the inheritance has been distributed, the new owner must deliver a copy of the deed of distribution of estate.