Drinking water does not need to be boiled anymore in Runosmäki


Tap water is safe to drink everywhere in Runosmäki area. The recommendation about boiling all drinking water was given on Friday 14.4.2023 when a water sample from the area showed a small amount of enterococcus bacteria. Tap water fulfilled all requirements in all samples taken from other places in Runosmäki. On Sunday 16.4.2023 the recommedation was limited to only some houses and addresses on Friskinkatu, Raskinpolku, Nostoväenkatu and Veteraaninkatu.

Repeat samples were taken from different spots in the water pipe network daily from 14.4.2023. Water quality has now been ensured in the samples. Three subsequent samples, taken from the spot where the issue was originally detected, have shown a clean result. The samples did not show any microbiological or other kinds of issues. Water quality fulfills all quality requirements everywhere in Turun Vesihuolto Oy’s water pipe network.

The detected issue is being investigated with the property owners.

According to household water regulation there must not be any enterococcus bacteria in household water at all. Turun Vesihuolto is keeping track of water quality regularly with water samples around the pipe network. Enterococcus bacteria in Runosmäki was found in a routine observation.

More information:

Päivi Nurmi p. 050 552 9239 (vs. ympäristöterveyspäällikkö)
Jaana Annunen p, 040 671 7894 (johtava terveystarkastaja)