Contract work

Follow these instructions when ordering work from the water management company.

Follow these steps

1. In new construction sites, ensure that the connection agreement has been signed and returned to the water management company. In case of renovation or repair work (other than new construction), ensure that the plans for the work are approved by the water management company.


2. Fill in and return (scan and email or deliver to the office on paper) the order form available through the link below. You can fill in the form electronically, but you must sign it. In addition to filling in the form, the actual work time must be separately agreed on with the water management company.


3. Please remember that Turun Vesihuolto charges fees according to the service price list for all work carried out. The property is responsible for the acquisition and costs of the planning and excavation work. Turun Vesihuolto will carry out the installation work in an excavated pit which has been inspected and found safe to work in before the work is started.


The prices for the services are available in our service price list.