Report your water meter reading

In Vesitili, you can report your water meter reading easily at any time. In order to log in to the system, you need your using point and customer number information. Once you are logged in, you can easily enter your water meter reading. The using point and customer number are listed on your invoice.
Report your water meter reading

Turun Vesihuolto informs about replacing the meter

Turun Vesihuolto Oy will send a letter to the customer with contact information for booking a time for replacing the meter. Letters are always sent to several properties in a certain area at the same time. In case our phone lines are busy, we ask you to be patient and try again later the same day or after a few days. Our mechanics move in certain areas replacing water meters at certain times. Turun Vesihuolto mechanics can be recognised by their car, work clothing, and ID cards.


Water meters can sometimes be located in difficult places. We ask you to arrange unobstructed access to the meter to allow for quick and efficient work.

Further information on regular replacements of the water meters

A water meter is a mechanical device in which cogs rotate within a casing. The measurement takes place using a bladed wheel. Water meters are reliable and accurate devices, and they are always inspected and tested before installation. The measurement accuracy must remain within the tolerance of +/-5%, in order for the operation of the meter to be considered reliable.


To ensure that the device continues to work correctly as it ages, water meters must be inspected and replaced regularly. This is in the best interests of both the customer and the water management company. When a water meter has been replaced, it is inspected and tested using a separate Kalibro testing device, which produces a written report about the operation of the meter in question. Only a maximum of a few times per year do we notice that a meter is broken when tested. However, when this happens, we will know directly whether it has given too high or low readings. In almost every fault, the cogs of the meter have slowed down, stopped, or been otherwise broken.

Keep an eye on your water meter

We recommend you to check on your water meter regularly. The meter numbers should be running only when water is consumed on your property. If the meter is running for no obvious reason, there might be a water leak.


If you have any problems entering the water meter information online, please contact our customer service.

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