Moving and change of ownership

When you sell a property or transfer its ownership to another person, be sure to remember to transfer the connection and usage agreement with the water management company to the new owner as well.
Transfer the usage agreement to new owner

Frequently asked questions

What are enterococci?
Enterococci are bacteria that are present in the intestinal microbiota of healthy individuals, in soil and in surface water. The most common species of enterococci are E. faecalis and E. faecium. The disease-causing capacity of enterococci is small. They only cause disease in patients with reduced resistance. The most common infection caused by enterococci is urinary tract infection.

According to household water regulation there must not be any enterococcus bacteria in household water at all. Turun Vesihuolto regularly takes water samples from different parts of the network for self-monitoring and official monitoring.
My latest water invoice was larger than usual. Can my water meter be broken?
The first thing you can do is check whether the meter also runs when water is not used. Continuous running is a sign of a water leak. The water meters we use are type-approved and accurate. They are subject to the same regulations as the scales in stores or the fuel meters at service stations. The water management company inspects and replaces the water meters regularly at its own expense. Almost every time, the water meter error is within the allowed +/-5%. The water management company can also inspect a water meter on written request by the customer. If no error is found on the meter, the inspection costs will be charged from the customer. Customers should monitor their use of water and any changes to it. Even minor leaks to plumbing fixtures may cause unpleasant surprises.
How much does water cost?
The cost of domestic water and wastewater can be found on Price list page. The prices include value-added tax of 24 %. Please refer to our Service price list for further details on the prices of our services.
Why does the water sometimes look cloudy?
The cloudiness is usually caused by air bubbles in the water. The phenomenon is harmless, and the water will clear up rather quickly when left to stand. Hot water is almost always slightly cloudy. Air is removed from the bottom up, which means that the water becomes clearer in the bottom of the container first. If the cloudiness sinks down, the disturbance is caused by something else.

Disturbances in water services via SMS

Renovation of the water supply network will cause planned water outages. In addition, occasional sudden water outages may occur. The fastest way to get information about water outages in your area is to text your phone.
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How to get information about water supply cuts and disturbances in water supply

Place a work order

You can order services according to the service price list from Vesihuolto. Fill out the electronic work order form here.
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