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Water invoices

Our invoices consist of basic fee, usage-based fee and estimated and balancing invoices.


Basic fee

The basic fee is collected every month, and it is defined based on the size of the water meter. The basic fee is the same amount every month, even if the apartment is empty.


The most common meter size in single-family houses is 19 mm. 25 mm meters are often used in apartment buildings and other larger sites. The size of the meter defines how much water can pass through it. Usually, the meter size is decided by the HPAC engineer, or in some cases, Turun Vesihuolto Oy.


Separate basic fees apply to clean water and wastewater. Using a 19 mm meter, the basic monthly fee for clean water is €11.16*, and for wastewater, €7.44*. The funds collected from the basic fees will be used on the maintenance and repair of the water management network.


Usage-based fee

As its name suggests, the usage-based fee is calculated based on how much water is used. In Turku, 1,000 litres of domestic water costs €1.75*, and the same amount of wastewater costs €1.92*. The wastewater usage fee is based on the amount of clean water, as the assumption is that what water is taken from the tap is also poured into the drain.


The wastewater usage fee is higher than the domestic water fee, because wastewater treatment is a costly process. The share of rainwater also increases the price, because rainwater has access to the wastewater sewage system, which increases the amount of wastewater which requires processing from purely the amount of domestic water used within the water management network area.


Estimated and balancing invoices

The invoice can now consist of both estimated and balancing invoices. Estimated invoices are based on the average water consumption estimate of similar sizes of households. Balancing invoice is calculated from actual consumption based on the reading on the water meter as reported by the customer.


Based on the water meter readings reported by the customer, the estimated invoices are adjusted and future invoices made more accurate.


The easiest way to report the reading is online – report your water meter reading here.  The system will notify you of any significantly deviating readings. If there have been no changes to the use of water, a deviating reading may be a symptom of a leak.


Turun Vesihuolto replaces water meters to all properties every 7–10 years. At this time, the readings will also be verified.


Connection fee

In the construction phase of a new building, it will be connected to the water management network and a connection fee is charged. The fee for ordinary single-family houses is fixed. Other buildings pay according to the square metres of floor space in the building permit of the property: the fee will be higher for larger amounts of permitted building volume.


The connection fee covers the domestic and wastewater pipes built under street level by Turun Vesihuolto. The pipes from the trunk line to the property are the responsibility of the property, whereas the City of Turku is responsible for the rainwater pipes.


* Prices for 2018. The prices include VAT.

Contact info

We at billing customer service will gladly help you in any questions regarding invoices and meter reading information as well as changing of the owner and updating customer information.

Payment guidance

Our partner Ropo Capital will assist you with issues concerning invoice payments and overdue payments. In Ropo Online service you can check the status and pay your invoice, change the due date or set up a payment schedule for debt collection. You can also notify your account number for overpayment returns.

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