Water quality

The quality of the water in Turku is excellent

Did you know that the domestic water we deliver fulfils all of the quality requirements and recommendations issued by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health with ease?* The water flowing from your tap is artificial groundwater produced at Virttaankangas. The quality of our domestic water remains constant for all of the parameters examined throughout the year, and the water we lead into the network remains nice and cool even in summer.


We monitor the water quality regularly in accordance with a monitoring examination programme which has been approved by the health officers and which meets the requirements of the Decree on domestic water. The water samples defined in the programme are sent to the laboratories of Lounais-Suomen vesi- ja ympäristötutkimus Oy, a testing laboratory accredited by the FINAS accrediting service (T101), for analysis. In addition, our staff monitors the water quality internally, and we participate in many kinds of research projects in cooperation with other actors in the field.

Added chlorine

In order to maintain the high quality of domestic water in all parts of the network, a small amount of chloramine has been added into the water. The chloramine content is affected by the temperature of the water and the time it stays in the network, for example. Those with sharp senses may observe the scent or taste of chloramine in their drinking water. If the scent or taste seem disturbing, you can store your drinking water in a pitcher for a while to allow the chlorine to evaporate.

Hardness of the water

Our water is very soft, which should be considered in the dosing of detergents, as even a small amount will suffice. Actually, using more detergent does not guarantee a cleaner result, quite the contrary! So be sure to check the correct amount of detergent, considering the hardness of the water, on the package. You will not need to use water softener or softening salt, either.

The pH level of the water is approximately 8.6, which means it is slightly alkaline to prevent corrosion of the pipe materials. The pH level naturally rises to this level due to the calcite in the soil in Virttaanharju, and no additional chemicals are required.

Water quality in 2017

Read about statistical information on water quality in 2017:
Download the summary of the network water quality in Turku in 2017 (in Finnish)
Download the summary of the network water quality in the Paattinen area in 2017 (in Finnish)

Today, the water in Paattinen is the same water as elsewhere in the Turku network area, produced by Turun Seudun Vesi. Therefore, the water quality summary for Paattinen also is only available for January–October 2017, at which time water from the Vahto water intake plant was still led to the north side of Paattinen.

If you notice any abnormalities in the water quality, please report them to us. Contact information for reporting disturbances in water quality can be found here.

* Domestic water quality requirements and recommendations, only available in Finnish (1352/2015).